Corporate Flex Packs 2018

Corporate Flex Packs 2018

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The Perfect Employee Benefit for the Whole Family! 

Pearachute is a family activity club that makes it easy for parents and caregivers to discover, book, and drop into the best family activities in the Chicagoland.  

From baby yoga to live concerts and sporting events, Pearachute partners with the best family entertainment providers in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs to help families make the most of the time they have together.   We specialize in activities for children of all ages.

Pearachute is partnering with the best places to work in Chicago to help companies live their values with a perk that the whole family can enjoy. 

How it works:

Our 5 Credit Flex Pack retails at $59 but companies can purchase them in bulk on this site, saving over 30%.  We will deliver the Flex Packs in the form of a document with gift codes or physical gift cards (additional charge) that can be distributed to your team anytime.  Neither the codes nor the gift cards ever expire, so any unused gift cards or codes can be used the following year.  

Employees can use their credits anytime over a 12 month period from the date the codes are redeemed. 


How do employees use the gift codes/cards?

Employees create accounts with their gift cards and begin booking activities directly from their phones.  They'll love Pearachute because they can book up to 15 minutes before and cancel up to an hour before, making it the most convenient way to book family-friendly activities in the city. 

What if an employee already has a Pearachute membership?

Employees with existing Pearachute memberships can add their gift codes into their existing accounts to be used towards their membership or additional credit purchases.  The gift card value will be $59. 

How will I know if a gift code has been redeemed? 

Your gift codes will be listed in an online document, and we will update them monthly as they are redeemed. 

What other cities do you operate in?

We currently offer Pearachute in Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Kansas City and Washington, D.C.

Can we purchase larger orders of Flex Packs? 

Yes!  Please contact Desiree: to discuss larger pack purchases.